Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fashion Institute In Jaipur

Heights fashion institute a Fashion Designing Institute In Jaipur provides a wide and meaningful range of Design programmes that equips you with invaluable skills to design and create your future.

Choosing a designing course and designing institute are the two most important and exciting decisions you will make for your career.The envionment at HIFT and the friends you will make here -are the things that will make a lasting impression on your professional life.

DESIGN IS INHERENT IN ALL AREAS OF MODERN LIFE -The potential for good designer is tremendous!


With a strong foundation in technical proficiency and a good eye for market trends,students will start to hone their individual styles and identifies through their collections. Training students to be flexible in responding to ever-changing market needs,technological developments and trends,fashion students will be more than ready to assume professional work in this fast-paced industry.This course takes the student from Design concepts and processes through to final production,combing creativity with applied technical proficency.


Fashion is a complex subject- one that intrigues and fascinates & has been studied thoroughly. In the study of Fashion today,certain words are used over and again like-High Fashion,Mass Fashion,Style,Design,Taste,Classic,Fad etc.The exact eanings of these terms must be understood so that concept can be discussed without confussion.

FASHION -is a style that is accepted and used by the majority of a group at any one point of time,no matter how small or big is the group.Fashion can be categorized according to the group to which they appeal.

HIGH FASHION-refers to those styles or designs accepted by a limited group of fashion leaders-the elite among consumers- who are first to accept fashion change.

MASS FASHION-refers to those styles or designs that are widely accepted.

STYLE-is a characteristic or distinctive mode of coceptualization in a particular field. In fashion it relates to garments-the combination of features that makes it different from othr garments.

DESIGN-is a specific version of a style.

TASTE-"There is no accounting for Taste".Taste can be defined as the ability to discern and appreciate that makes for excellence at a particular time in a particular circumstance.

CLASSIC-is a style or design that satisfies a basic need and remains in general fashion acceptance for an extended period of time.

FAD-is a fashion that suddenly sweeps into popularity,affecting relatively few of the total population and then quickly disappears.

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